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Vermont Local Roads ListServ

Since we kicked off our campaign to grow the scope of the list in the fall of 2011, we've added 74 cities, towns and villages. It now connects 154 municipal entities in Vermont (57%). We've doubled the number of municipalities connected with this tool in just over a year. Register by entering your email address on this form.

The listserv is our growing tool to connect Vermont municipalities and other relevant stakeholders throughout the State through an email system. Members of the list can pose questions to garner advice and best practices from fellow members who have already tackled the issue in question. In addition, Vermont Local Roads uses the list to disseminate information electronically. This includes workshop announcements, new publications and materials, weekly updates on overseas surplus property available and anything else that we think is a valuable asset to share with the list.

There are both regular and digest delivery settings available. With a regular setting you receive each email when it is sent, while with digest you will receive a single daily email with all the messages sent that day contained within it. Many people choose the digest option to cut down on email messages.

Recent ListServ Topics

  • Equipment Replacement Schedule for Capital Budgeting
  • Road Reclassification
  • Standard Operating Procedures for PW Dept.
  • Excavators with rubber tires
  • Municipal budget increases from Irene
  • Repair coupling needed for water pipe break
  • Information on building new salt/sand shed
  • Winter spreading ban lifted
  • Municipal mutual aid policy
  • Asset lives of major equipment for capital budget
  • Radiant floor heat in town garage


  • Keep all questions and responses in good taste. This is a forum to share information to assist municipalities and other stakeholders in serving the public. Vermont Local Roads reserves the right to suspend or remove any member of the list for comments deemed inappropriate. There is zero tolerance for any discriminatory comments and the offending party will be removed from the list immediately.