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Upcoming Webinars/Workshops

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6/29/2022 VLR Virtual Bat Hibernaculum

9/21/2022 VLR Virtual Drainage & Ditches

10/12,19&26/2022 VLR Virtual Roadside Safety


6/28/2022 VLR Trench Safety - Castleton Fire Department

6/30/2022 VLR Bucket/Excavator Safety Operator Training (BESOT) - Step 2 of 2 - Middlesex Town Highway Garage

7/20/2022 Safe Tree Removal Training for Municipal Staff - Hosted by Vermont Urban & Community Forestry

7/21/2022 Tree Risk Evaluation Training for Municipal Staff and Volunteers - Hosted by Vermont Urban & Community Forestry

8/9/2022 VLR Roadway Fundamentals - Castleton Fire Department

8/18/2022 VLR Roadway Fundamentals - TBD

8/23/2022 VLR Roadway Fundamentals - Newport Public Works

8/25/2022 VLR Rigging, Lifting, and Securing Loads - Bennington Public Works

8/30/2022 VLR Roadway Fundamentals - Ludlow Highway Department

9/1/2022 VLR Rigging, Lifting, and Securing Loads - TBD

9/6/2022 VLR Pavement Management and Contract Writing - VTrans Training Center, Berlin

9/8/2022 VLR Snow & Ice - TBD

9/13/2022 VLR Roads Roundtable - Milton Fire Department

9/13/2022 VLR Pavement Management and Contract Writing - Mendon VTrans Office

9/14&15/2022 VLR Chainsaw Training: Skills and Safety - Bethel Highway Department

9/16/2022 VLR Chainsaw Training: After the Storm - Bethel Highway Department

9/20/2022 VLR Snow & Ice - Milton Fire Department

9/22/2022 VLR Rigging, Lifting, and Securing Loads - TBD

9/27/2022 VLR First Aid - Bennington Public Works

9/29/2022 VLR First Aid - Weathersfield Town Meeting Room

10/3&4/2022 VLR Chainsaw Training: Skills and Safety - TBD

10/5/2022 Chainsaw Training: After the Storm - TBD

10/6/2022 VLR Rigging, Lifting, and Securing Loads - TBD

10/18/2022 VLR Snow & Ice - TBD

10/20/2022 VLR Snow & Ice - TBD


Request Training - complete the request form and Vermont Local Roads will contact you to arrange the training.


Rivers & Roads Tier I  now in our Learning  Management System (LMS) - (Prerequisite to R&R II)

Rivers & Roads Tier II

10/5&6/2022 VLR Rivers & Roads Tier II - Weathersfield Town Garage