Upcoming Webinars/Workshops

All in-person workshops have been cancelled through August 15th. Some will be rescheduled but not all. Please stay healthy and safe!

We will having weekly webinars on several different topics. Please register for them by going to "Register for a Workshop"

Upcoming Webinars

9/22 Basics of Grader Operations and the MRGP Best Management Practices 

9/23 VLR Virtual Technical Round Table on Brake Adjustments

9/23 New Stump the Instructor: Drainage, Drainage and DRAINAGE (Baystate Roads) - REGISTER HERE

9/24 Local Roads Training for Decision Makers (VLCT) - REGISTER HERE

9/30 VLR Virtual Environmental Round Table on Resilient Right-of-Ways: Backroad Vegetation Management

Upcoming Workshops

Rivers & Roads Tier I -  now in our Learning  Management System - (Prerequisite to R&R II)

Download the slides from the Roads Training Presentation (2.24 MB, this PDF version of the presentation has no audio or video)
Download the slides from the Roads Training Presentation (25.77 MB, this powerpoint version of the presentation has no audio or video)









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