Upcoming Webinars/Workshops

A few in-person trainings have been scheduled through November.

We are having weekly webinars on several different topics. Please register for them by going to

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Upcoming Webinars

11/9/2021 8:00 AM VLR Virtual Drainage & Ditches


​Upcoming Hands-On Workshops


Rivers & Roads Tier I  now in our Learning  Management System (LMS) - (Prerequisite to R&R II)

12/1/2021 - Rivers & Roads Tier III - Bridge and culvert replacement - Hosted by VTrans Training Center

1/20/2022 - Rivers & Roads Tier III - Floodplain Restoration - Hosted by VTrans Training Center

2/17/2021 - Rivers & Roads Tier III - Channel stabilization - Hosted by VTrans Training Center

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